On Loving Women by James Moore

On Loving Women
by James Moore
Just $18.95

The most complete and state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights and recent scientific discoveries on how to please women 24/7. James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and his control methods (including the best non-medicinal methods to beat premature ejaculation) are worth the price of the book alone.

Baring It All by Layla Shilkret and Sexpert James Moore - On What Women Want In A Man and Great Sex

Baring It All
Just $14.95

James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of real erotica, which has a 5 star rating on goodreads.com. If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal, by 20 real women who detail their most exciting lovemaking experiences ever! And it's an awesome bedtime stories, loving kind of book that you can read with your lover as a hot kind of foreplay!

A New Day Dawning

Welcome to HelixEye Books, a new publisher of what will be a fine line of books aimed at helping you find happiness in a loving relationship - and sponsor of many great author public events, including James Moore's "Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship" workshop May 4th at the University of Hartford, which will heat up your love life, relationship or marriage this Spring!

We're all about demystifying love, lovemaking, the sexes, dating, romance, seduction, relationships, marriage, sex roles, how to become the kind of person that attracts the person your heart desires, and everything else that goes into achieving your relationship goals.

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On Loving Women by James Moore

How many authors and love life experts can say they impressed a worldly-wise Playboy bunny (Tiffany Granath, on the Playboy Channel), been-around-town playboy actor Jay Thomas (he of Cheers and Murphy Brown fame - on his nationally-syndicated talk show), and sophisticate and author Moll Anderson (on her SiriusXM Radio network talk show), with information about women, lovemaking, relationships and anatomy they were unaware of? James Moore can!

He even wowed the gay host of TV's Better Connecticut daytime talk show with advice on how he can make his next relationship successful!

How many female erogenous zones do you know? If you haven't read On Loving Women, you don't know the exciting and powerful new pleasure zones James Moore has discovered - or the different types he's identified! Not since Beverly Whipple's book introducing many to the G-Spot has such an important book hit the market.

While James Moore's On Loving Women is, on the surface, for men, in making men better lovers and partners, it's really a book that's for everyone. Women are reading it to learn more about their own bodies and to pass along to their lovers. Lovers of women are reading it for the new anatomical discoveries and many other revelations that will give them the knowledge and skills necessary to please today's experienced and sophisticated woman.

In fact, if you really want to improve your love life, you might also be interested in attending one of James' fabulous events. James is completing a second book to help everyone improve their love lives (women and men, singles and couples), Spice Up Your Love Life!, and he's doing entertaining, fun and educational programs introducing material from both of his books (as well as information unique to his events) - for women and men, singles and couples right now!

"I've helped a lot of people over the years surmount obstacles and problems, to find happiness in their love lives," James explains, "and it was those people who suggested that I devote my life to showing others the way to attract the loves of their lives and make their chosen relationships work. As my wife says, if my books or workshops help just one person, it will have been worth the effort."

In fact, it was several ex-girlfriends of James' who got the modern-day Casanova to start writing On Loving Women, eight years in the making (due to all of the scientific and other research that went into it). One ex telling him, "You've GOT to tell men what you know about women!" And she'd take him to bookstores, saying, "See? There are no books on the market like the one you'd write!"

Finally, it was James' wife, in recent years, who cracked the whip and got him to finish On Loving Women, pleading with him that, "It's an important book! It will help a lot of people!" (She should know!)

For one thing, On Loving Women contains the finest chapter on achieving the ultimate control anywhere. And it shows how to keep a woman satisfied and fulfilled forever.

The unique features of this encyclopedic book - not to be found anywhere else - are too numerous to mention. From its awesome chapter on female sexual anatomy in which the author reveals numerous new erogenous zones he's discovered over the years in pleasing more women than Casanova, to his powerful and novel techniques to give women ecstatic pleasure (including pressure point techniques, to bring on a climax in seconds with the simple strategic touch of the finger), to his insights on how to become the kind of man women crave, to his many ways to seduce a woman (even within a relationship, for more fun), to the edgier side of things for the more adventurous lovers, On Loving Women charts new territory and will be seen as one of the most important books of its kind. There are even "Shallow Lovemaking Methods" so even men of modest length can produce results every time. Then there are his deep lovemaking techniques for explosive climaxes and techniques that bring on the little-known phenomenon of female ejaculation (a must-do for the modern lover).

Nearly 450 pages long, On Loving Women covers every possible aspect of how to become a great lover of women (24/7), how to become the kind of man women desire forever, how to win a woman's heart, and how to create greater ecstasy and happiness as the years go by. It will truly make a lot of men and women happy - which was the goal of this loving effort from the start.

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Baring It All

When you're ready for some other steamy reading, check out the incredibly hot and romantic true stories by 20 different women of their greatest lovemaking experiences - in vivid detail - in Baring It All, compiled and edited by Layla Shilkret (with an uncredited assist by James Moore as story development editor).

With a 5-star rating on goodreads.com, readers have said each chapter reads like a fine short story, with sexy happenings and romantic, sexy and loving happy endings. So they're more satisfying than the average erotic read - and they're written a heck of a lot better than Fifty Shades of Grey!

Plus Baring It All is a great resource to get exciting new ideas for what to with your partner. In fact, why not read it together in bed as a kind of foreplay sure to lead to hot lovemaking of your own!

Men will want to read Baring It All to find out what today's woman has to say about what truly great lovemaking is all about. Women will want to read Baring It All for the romance and thrill of it - and to share with or guide their lovers, to take them to the highest heights of ecstasy.

If nothing else, for the voyeur in you, find out what some of today's most creative lovers are doing behind closed doors...and elsewhere! These stories are naughty and nice.

Call this loving erotica - because these are stories you can share with your lover not just for hotter sex but also for a closer more loving bond. Every story is loving and romantic as well as spicy.

True stories are much more interesting than fiction, as they say!